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Abundant materialism
All life that is affected by the meteorite impact in Peru
All our Angel Helpers
All planets, solar systems and milky ways
All the world, the Earth planet
American Politics
Chem trails in the sky
Congo Brazza in Africa, entire country, people, land and animals
Dam in Brazil
Death of a loved one
Dissolve city pollution in Amsterdam, NL
Enlightened Decision Making by our government officials
Environmental damage
Fema Camps in the USA
Finding a job
For the students all over the world to study well and to use their knowledge to better the world
Freedom of internal fears - doubts
Genetic manipulation
H.A.A.R.P. project, Alaska
Healing for the USA
Highest Healing, Peace, Blessings and Prosperity to the land and people of whole Turkey
Hydraulic fracturing, USA and Europe
Internet misuse
Lack of money
Lack of self-confidence
Love for all living beings and peace on the planet
May we all see as One Spirit in all
Mettupalayam in India
Mountain top removal (mining), world wide
National Park of Peneda Geres in Portugal
North Pole
Nuclear plant in fukushima
Our Food
Our criticism
Our food, may we all see as one spirit in all, Byron Bay, Australia
Peace in Congo
Pharmaceutical industry
Political situation in Kosovo
Possibility of a new house
Reine des Forest, Pablo Zancolli, for love and union, Buenos Aires Argentina
Return of true love
Self Love
South Africa
Spiritual elevation in Sicily and Italy
Spiritual life and happiness for every divine being in the universe
Start up projects
Sécurité financière
The Elements Fire, Ether, Air, Water, Earth
The Fairy Realm
The Orb Project
The opportunity to undergo ayurvedic treatment
Those who are struggling to find their place in this world and remain open and focused on their inner source and true Nature
Those who seek to become better
War in Africa
War in Iraq
Work Situation in Finland
Worrying finance



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